Saturday, December 25, 2010

She My Ute Aussie.wmv

Mud Bulls and Music Bash Down-under

Here is a cool selection of photo and video highlights from the Muddies Bash
in Jimna Australia,featured many aussie great bands and performers.

stay tune more great stories coming soon.

live lee show.wmv

Hot Rodders Dreamz Show.wmv

lee music rockworld.wmv

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mud Bulls and Music Spectacular 2010

Jacaranda Films Crew are heading out bush this coming weekend to the Mud Bulls and Music Muster Big Event. Producing a 55 mins family highlights DVD and two one hour documentaries on The Mud Bulls Music Muster 4x4 wd Drive Show for Brisbane Channell Digital 44 coming soon for the Summer Break.

Email the crew today to book your copy for Friday 10th December General release
on this great festival Down- Under Special.

Buy Online Today $15.00 per copy for this great australian country music story for all to enjoy the fun and memories.

Stay tune more photo highlights coming son.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rosewood Festival 2010

Here is a cool selection of photo highlights from the Rosewood Family Festival

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Rock Back To 63 Bygone Era

Just Rock this weekend back to 1963 for the Show and Shine Bonanaza
300 cars rocking their way to Queensland Rock and Roll Festival of cars,dancers
Show and shine their wares for all the family fun day.

Jacaranda Films Media crew will be there filming this great event for the upcoming community TV Street Show Rockers coming soon. There will also be a family highlights dvd availble for $10.00 per copy Spring Release 2010. Pre-Orderyour copy today online at

Highlights coming soon on our our channell

Stay tune more great stories coming soon on Australian Lifestyle Channell 44.
Jacaranda Films Media Crew

Friday, July 30, 2010

Jacaranda Films Media Winter News

Here is a cool selection of Tamworth Country Music Festival highlights from the Buskers on the Street and Performing playing live on stage.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon.

Matt Radio Crew

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to the Sixties Hot Rod Winter Bash

Jacaranda Films Media is getting ready for the Back to the Sixties Hot Rod Bash
loads of classics cars family fun entertainment.

Stay tune more detials coming soon.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jacaranda Films Media News

Jacaranda Films Media is currently being working in pre production for the following upcoming festivals.

The Batemans Bay Blues and Rockabilly Weekend will be filmed in october this year and produce a highlights dvd and TVS Special for broadcast world-wide.

The Kangaroo Valley Festival and The Sunshine Valley Rock Festival in Queensland for Summer 2010.
Stay tune more great news coming soon on these great music and festivals around Australia

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Live Launch Music Showcase

Live Launch Crew are getting ready for our Big Opening Night coming soon Down-Under. There will be a full pack night of entertainment,Live Bands and surprise local talent appearing on the night.

Jazz Musos,Blues and Pop Rock playing live to the cameras for the Live Launch Indie Music Show.

Get your 15mins of fame today send us a 5mins promo of what your talents are to appear on the Show to be broadcasted on TVS and Aurora Channell 183 Foxtell 2010 Music Special.

mail us today at

Stay tune more Live Launch News Coming Soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Canberra Folk Festival TV Special

Jacaranda Films is heading down to the Canberra Folk Music Festival this weekend to film and produce a family highlights DVD Special on this great entertainment Carnival Jugglers,Buskers and performers from across the world.

Order your copy today online from the Jacaranda Films Crew send us an email to or send your hard copy name and address to our mailing address P.O.Box 209 Wickham NSW 2293

Cool 45 mins Highlight DVD is coming out for general public release on Friday July 16th. Book Today Mobile for details.

Stay tune more great news coming soon our upcoming productions for the Summer 2010.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Detonators show.wmv

Cool Rockabilly Show featuring The Detanotars performing live at the Goulburn Blues Festival Weekend.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon on the Blues Aussie Special.

Goulburn Town Highlights

Goulburn Blues Festival was a great entertainment weekend for family and friends travelled far and wide to check out great variety of music and bands from accross the world.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon on this great australian blues story.

Goulburn Blues and Roots News

Jumpin Jive Crew have been very busy last few days filming the Goulburn Blues Festival in Australia. There will be a Aussie Blues Music Special coming soon in April on DVD and TVS Australian Music Channell.

We covered a good range of bands and entertainers throughout the festival weekend
Young Bailey Judd,Chris Harland Blues Band, Detonators, Mama Jane"s Blues Band,Paul Greene,Mojo Corner,Anni Piper and Open Mic Showcase.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon on the Blues Music ShowCase coming out this April 2010.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Goulburn Wraps Tonight

Goulburn Blues Festival wraps up tonight, non stop entertainment has taken place in the country town of Goulburn over the weekend. Stay tune more highlights soon from Bailey Judd young performer playing amazing guitar and rhythms sounds entertaining the crowds.

Mama Jane blues band entertaining the crowds down at the Carlton Hotel and Soldiers Club put on some great entertainment. Jacaranda Films Media Crew have been in town to capture the highlights of the long running Goulburn Blues Festival.

Meeting up very soon in the coming days with fellow good friends and indie french filmmakers Emmanuelle and Gabriel for our joint filming road trip adventures to the mountains and down to Canberra for Jazz and Blues Music Weekend.

Looking for bands and acts for upcoming music show at the home of the Great Northern Hotel in Newcastle to be broadcasted on the Australian Community Television Channells TVS.

For further information contact the Producer of Jumpin Jive Jukebox Robert online today

Friday, February 12, 2010

Goulburn Blues Party

Jumpin Jive Jukebox currently in town roving venue to venue filming the Australian Blues Festival in Goulburn for our one hour documentary Music Special.

We have so far filmed a variety of independent bands, recently today the MoJo Corner from Melbourne, Luna Blues Show from Canberra. Mama Jane Blues tonight from Central Coast on the east coast. Loads of other great entertainment performing the weekend in Goulburn New South Wales in Australia.

For further details on the DVD Special please email Robert and Pete at Jacaranda Films Media online now

Stay tune for video highlights coming soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goulburn Blues Fest News

We arrived in Goulburn today, all set to film the Blues Festival Weekend. After a 4 hour drive it starts to rain on the road to Goulburn. Filming tonight highlights for the Goulburn Blues Festival story documentary.

Filming on Saturday all the fun and entertainment in the Belmore Park Buskers performing on stage,family music markets and workshops around town.

Saturday night filming Mama Jane Blues Band Show at the Carlton Hotel in Goulburn. Filming Chase the Sun Blues band and many more throughout the weekend.

Stay tune more great highlights coming soon our Jumpin Jive Special.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tamworth Comes Alive Story

Tamworth Country Music Festival comes alive every year in Jan the town double in size extra 50,000 patrons.

Rock into town for two weeks of non stop party.

Jacaranda Films Media is currently producing a 55 mins highlights on the Tamworth Music Celebrations.

Coming soon on limited DVD and future broadcast on TVS Channell Down-Under.

For further information contact Robert Producer on email

Thanks to our fellow filmmakers french friends
Emmanuelle and Gabriel from France.

Please check out more today on the Australian Rhythms Music Documentary

Stay tune more highlights coming soon on this Family Tamworth Story
on DVD April 2010.

Goulburn Blues Festival Story

Goulburn Blues Festival Comes Alive this weekend,Jumpin Jive Jukebox and Jacaranda Films Media are filming the highlights for our upcoming Blues Show.

Featuring many well known Blues Bands performing over the big Weekend.

We are producing a 2 hour documentary on DVD and for broadcast on the TVS Channell in Australia.

Mama Jane Blues Band, Dallas Frasca,Backsliders and many more great muso'sDown-Under.

Stay tune video highlights coming soon.

Parade Media Reels.wmv

Cool Highlights of the Tamworth Country Music Festival Cavalcade
Street Parade featuring Country Music Celebrities,Family and Friends.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon.

Tamworth Media.wmv

Cool Tamworth Media Highlights from the country music festival media talks with Gina Jeffreys and Guy Sebastian spending some fun times together at Tamworth.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon on the Tamworth Comes Alive Story Documentary curently in post production 55 mins highlights from 2010 Country Music Festival.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Myall Lakes Festival Film Launch

Jacaranda Films Media is screening the Myall Lakes River Festival released available today on
DVD through our web site. or sending the Producers an email on

DVD Highlights now on sale for $20.00 including postage within Australian Borders.

News Update Tamworth Comes Alive Story to be broadcasted on TVS Sydney Australia in the coming months. The highlights of the country music festival entertainment week.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Daddy Cool Show.wmv

Daddy Cool Highlights from Tamworth Down-Under Tour
Enjoy the highlights from the man of cool Ross Wilson performing live at the Courthouse Marquee.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon.

Tamworth Comes Alive Australia

Tamworth Comes Alive Entertainment Documentary is currently in post production
for 55 mins highlights of the Country Music Festival Summer Celebrations.

Featuring buskers on the street, radio studio interviews, behind the scenes music highlights,street culture vox pops, live concerts,street cavalade parade and many more extras Red Carpet and Rodeo highlights.

Thanks to our fellow french filmmakers from France, Emmanuelle and Gabriel we are all proud to bring this great australian story to life on the Big Screen and limited DVD Showcase.

Stay tune more great highlights coming soon.

Chad Morgan Australia.wmv

Cool Aussie Icon Chad Morgan performing at the Tamworth Country Music Down-Under.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon from the Tamworth Comes Alive Story.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ross Wilson Daddy Cool.wmv

Cool Highlights from the Ross Wilson Band Australian Rock Tour
Down-Under to Tamworth Country Music Festival Summer Celebrations.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon from the Jumpin Jive Jukebox Show Case on Tamworth.

Buskers Central World.wmv

Cool Highlights from Tamworth Country Music Festival Matt and Marian busking on Peel Street Tamworth outside Filling Groovy Cafe in Australia.

Stay tune more great highlights short stories coming soon
Tamworth Comes Alive Documentary.

Newcastle Marina Highlights

Here are some photo highlights from the Newcastle Boat Marina, Down on the east coast of Australia. Enjoy the great images of boats and yachts down at the Newcastle Marina.

Stay tune more great highlights coming soon on the Jacaranda Films Media projects currently in post production Myall River Festival, Tamworth Comes Alive Story and the Jumpin Jive Showcase.

Round Mountain Girls Band.wmv

Cool highlights from Round Mountain Girls performing at the Diggers Club in Tamworth Australia.

Stay tune more highlights coming soon from the Tamworth Country Music Festival Celebrations.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tamworth Entertainment Reels

Tamworth Comes Alive Photo's Highlights brought to you by fellow friend French Filmmaker Emmanuelle Gary. Here are some of the amazing shots taken throughout the Country Music Festival Summer Celebrations.

Stay tune more great highlights coming soon from our adventures in Tamworth Australia. Check out Australian Rhythms latest updates on Emmanuelle Film Blog

Jacaranda Films is currently in post production editing the Tamworth Comes Alive
55 mins Documentary coming soon on DVD and Broadcast world-wide.

For further information email robert producer at