Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Worlds Paragliding Manilla Australia

Today is Wednesday 7Th March, The Worlds Paragliding Competition is three days from closing on Friday 9Th March with a Big Street Party and Awards Ceremony. The flying has been great when they can get up in the sky. Three tasks have completed so far out of 12 Days.

The weather has been playing hazards with the Paragliders Pilots on top of Mount Borah. They have been entertaining and creating there own fun while they para-wait for the big break in the weather. The teams even played a game of Soccer on the Mountain the Europeans against the rest of the world on the grounds 6000 mt rs above sea level.

We will keep you posted on all the action taking place in Manilla,The Manilla Hometown DVD will be coming out in the next few weeks with the behind the scenes of the Worlds Paragliding Competition,The Tasks take off and landings at Goal and many interviews and big parade Opening Ceremony and closing Street Party.

Today Thursday flying tasks cancelled, due to heavy rain falling in Manilla. Looks like the Drought is starting to be over with loads of rain falling on Mount Borah launch sites.

Friday is the last day of flying for the Worlds Paragliding Pilots bringing the competition to a close with a Big Street Party and presentation for the Winners.
The Townspeople of Manilla has really got behind the Worlds event with many people offering services and goods to the International Pilots.

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