Sunday, May 13, 2007

News Flash DVDs Coming Soon

The Jacaranda Festival Highlights DVD will be out on Sale Thursday 31st May for General Release. It covers the Grafton Australia longest running Festival celebrating the Jacaranda Flowers and Entertainment which has been around since the early 1960's. See Photo Highlights On My Blog Photo Page heading Jacaranda Festival Magic Moments.

1919 Betty Steams On Directors Cut DVD currently in post production will be Coming Soon later this year. It will be Featuring the History of 1919 Steam Engine Locomotive Life from its Humble beginning in 1878.
The DVD will be out on Sale For $30.00 with loads of Special Features relating to the life of Betty 1919.

The Grafton Story 1963-1965 History Inventor DVD based on the Australian Inventor of the Modern Day Hangglider will be out for release on Wednesday 30th May. It will available to Buy Online via

The DVD will be $20.00 Australian and can be purchased locally at the Clarence River Tourism Centre in Grafton Australia. The Phone contact is 612 66424677 for bookings in Australia.

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