Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FLIX TV Riding Free Down Under Productions

The Team of Jacaranda Films Down Under is in the final planning stages of producing a 55mins Life Style on the Road Documentary.

The Story is based on the characters lives of the fellow Ulyssesians Club with its many branches based in all states of Australia. These fellow ulyssesians members take part in regular weekend rides,attending AGM,Swap Meets,Social gatherings amongst their friends and family of Baby Boomers era with many heading for a sea change and country lifestyle.

If anyone has any video footage or photos available from their trips with fellow members over the past few years and the May 2007 AGM Coffs Coast Open Day and Parade. We will give you full credit in the production for permission to use the any of Material/Media in the project.

If you are keen to get involved or can help in any way to bring this project a reality. Please feel free to contact Robert/Producer of Jacaranda Films Down Under
Find out more by emailing or send hard copy to Riding Free Project c/ Jacaranda Films Studio 12 Orara Street Nana Glen NSW 2450 Australia.

Riding Free would be well suited for the ABC Television/SBSIndependent/Cable Pay TV audiences in this challenging lifestyle documentary for Broadcast and DVD sales in the general interests catergories within the Motor Bikes Industry.

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