Friday, December 1, 2006

Jacaranda Festival 2006 Highlights

Here are some photos of the crowd's attending the Jacaranda Festival for this year celebration of the day. Look at all the crazy costumes at some of the shows at downtown at market square in the Clarence Valley.

In the year 1935, Grafton first Jacaranda Festival made its debut before 4000 enthusiastics fans in brightly illuminated Jacaranda Avenue (in pound street). Children by the hundred danced and presented a floral pageant before Myrtle Gentle's name was drawn from a golden casket as the first Jacaranda princess by the Festival King, Jim Orr.

The Jacaranda Queen was Mavis Schwinghammer and they were attended by 20 maid of honour, 11pages, flower girls, jesters and princess.

Hang Gliding Celebration for John Dickenson, Rod Fuller, Pat Crowe discovery of the Dickenson Wing which took place on the Clarence River back in September 1963. The celebration lunch was attended by many high profile pilots including Dick Smith adventure explorer,enterpernur and famous for his world trip in his helicopter and microlghts.

Here below are the three men who have made it into the history books in the world of aviation flying machines there creation of the Hang Glider with the weight-shift design controls.

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