Saturday, December 2, 2006

Lights Camera Action

Jacaranda Films is releasing two DVDs for April 2007, general purchase on line for all you budding film buffs. The first documentary is about the Hang-gliders/Paragliders and flying Dream.

The other great film coming out for release is the Jacca Highlights which covers the the Spirit of Grafton New South Wales community who get behind the Jacaranda Festival which has been running since the year 1935. This year was the 72nd Floral Festival celebration which includes the Big Breaky and Celebration of the Hang Glider inventor John Dickenson.

On the DVD you can enjoy all those fun and entertainment highlights of the festival including coverage of the Dragon Boat races and the Big Street Parade attended by 10,000 plus crowds which includes Classic Cars and many floats in the parade.

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