Saturday, February 3, 2007

Manilla State Titles Hang-gliding Comp 2007

Currently been away in Manilla near Tamworth for the 2007 NSW State Titles Hang-gliding competition.

Just returned Today from Manilla after a full weeks of filming the State Titles Hang-gliding Competition.I spent many days capturing the Cliff Launches and tasks filming great scenery and Pilots interviews on top of Mount Borah.

Meeting with many Hang-glider Pilots and Paragliders pilots from around the world.

On the road again very soon,heading back over to Manilla on the Saturday 24th February for the filming of the Manilla Opening Ceremony Town Celebratons with 42 Nations Team"s visitors taking part in the World's first Australia"s Hosting of the Paragliders Competition.

We are producing a insight 55mins Documentary DVD for general sales to the Public viewing of all the activities taking place in the town community of Manilla New South Wales Australia.

The State Titles Manilla 2007 Hang-gliding Competition DVD will be available for sale in early May. For further info call Robert on Mobile:0429854632

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