Friday, February 23, 2007

Worlds Paragliding Manilla Australia 2007

The Worlds Paragliding Competition began today with a Pilots briefing 9.00am at the Manilla Town Hall. The Hall has been transformed for the Two Weeks biggest event the town has been planning for the past five years.

Today the Big Opening Ceremony, Air Display with RAAF Roulette PC9 Aerobatics Team. The RAAF F/A-18 Hornet and various sports aircraft,mass school choir, Indigenous heritage group,performance by country music star Felicity Urquhart and a stunning fireworks display.

There are approx 150 Paraglider Pilots and various world media in town for the World's Australia first ever Paragliding Competition. Loads of vistors from around the state are heading for Manilla.

Further updates coming soon on the Big show coming into town on Saturday 3rd of March with a full on side show alley and Rodeo.

Day two of the Worlds resulted in no flying took place on Monday 26th Feb, due to bad weather looks like the drought is finally broken in Manilla. Today is Tuesday 27th Feb, looks like more cloud cover moving in over the Mountain.

Breifing announcement taking place 11.30am today at Manilla Headquarters on flying to go ahead with tasks. At the momment not looking very good to Fly today again, Entertainment tonight on the Big Screen with live band in the town square.

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Nic said...

What a great competition! I'd likely be too much of a scaredy-cat to actually fly in one of those contraptions, but I can imagine what a glorious feeling it would be. Best of success to your competition and film.