Tuesday, February 27, 2007

World's Paragliding Competition Manilla 2007

The World's Paragliding competition has been very good so far, Tuesday started out with change of launch location on Mount Borah. The Pilots finally launched on the Top of the Mountain with a small tasks to East Manilla sportsgrounds.

There were over 60 Pilots who made goal on the day,with unfortuately one pilot closed to goal had a small fall and injured himself. The pilot was from overseas country and is currently recovering in hospital.

Today Wednesday flying has been cancelled due to approaching bad weather moving in from the north of Queensland. Manilla has had a series of storms,heavy rain and strong winds the drought seems to be finnally breaking in this region.

This is good for the farmers but not very pleasing for the visiting pilots for the World's Paragliding competition. The town has organised a range of bands for the pilots in Town Square and live action on the Big Screen tonight.

Will keep you posted on the updates on the competition as the days news comes to hand. The Spotlight on Manilla DVD will be coming out soon in the near future.

Task Three Sunday 150 Pilots set off to fly to Tamworth airspace first time ever been allowed to fly into a Town and land at the Riverside Sportsgrounds.

Only 15 Pilots made it into Goal, many were bombing out just short of the Goal line, The Worlds has had only three days flying due to changing weather conditions.

Today looks like a no fly day with storms moving in to the area, however may change and may fly today. I will keep you posted on all the action hapening here in Manilla.

Signing Off your roving reporter keeping the skies alive call sign Party Bob.

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